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PUBLIC PROFILE OF:   Susan Knospe Denver, CO 80210

Name:   Susan Knospe

Susan Knospe is here as: An artist


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About me ...

Sensitive portraits of inner and outer environments is my forte. My Nature photography also has a loyal following. Formerly, batiks on silk, rice paper and Ostrich eggs gave me recognition. My batiks became established clothing lines, varied types of household linens, window treatments, tapestries, room dividers, framed fine art, and lights. While my work can be seen in several on-line galleries, both of my personal websites are currently under construction. I am also the founder of SueView Perspective, the daughter of Western Artist Deane Knospe and the sister of blacksmith Mike Knospe.

I am currently ...

Creating 30 photo-realistic portraits of wolves in watercolor, conte & graphite is my focus
LAST UPDATED 09/06/2011

My Specialties are ...

My specialties are melding conscious images with subconscious and Photorealism.

My Websites ...





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Date profile was made public: 09/06/2011

Last updated: 02/27/2014

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